My posterous wishlist

Posterous works great (heck, this email posting thing has made me post *much* more than I ever used to post to LiveJournal), but there are a few things that I think might be good ideas. Braindump:

  • Tagging. It may be one of the web 2.0 buzzwords, but it's damn useful. (And I'd really like to be able to link to sets of tagged posts, like how Flickr or Blogger do it)
  • Ability to have the post editor default to source mode. Most of the time, that's what I want when editing.
  • Setting so that I can write posts using reStructuredText or Markdown or something similar. It would be a bit nicer than having to write my posts in HTML. (I wouldn't mind if the post editor had a mode for this as well. =)
  • Ability to edit posts via email. (Perhaps the email reply from a post would include the post body in the email, and if you edited that and replied to it, then it would replace the post on the site)
  • Did I mention tagging? ;)
  • A button to send uploaded images to Snapfish for printing. (individual image, or all images in the post) Garry and Sachin, if you are interested in this, I can get you in touch with the right folks at Snapfish. The API is pretty straightforward.