Ubuntu Hardy Heron and audio

Recently, I started using Banshee to play music on my work laptop, which runs Ubuntu. However, I found that I had sound multiplexing issues: No other sounds would work when Banshee was playing (or even when it was paused). It looks like despite many other things seemingly sharing the sound device nicely, Banshee didn't play well with others. After some internet searching, I got a pointer to this thread on the Ubuntu Forums. I following the instructions there, except the whole patching SDL thing, I figured I'd only go there if I found that I had an SDL app that didn't work. So far, so good, and it seems like it even works in Wine (the post claims that it doesn't work with Wine), and without using padsp! We'll see if I run into any problems, but so far, I'm quite happy.

Anyways, just wanted to share in case someone else has the same problem. (I actually rather like Banshee. It definitely pwns Rhythmbox.)