Video on posterous

I've posted two videos (Emma with flag and Emma eating at Ikea), and its crazy awesome that they become nicely embedded flash videos. Sadly, they are not nicely embedded on my Livejournal that my posts are being copied to (see one and two). In this case, it would be much nicer if the posts actually liked to the posterous posts if embedding doesn't quite work yet.

Also, I've noticed that the video quality on my cell phone is really nice when viewed on the cellphone, and then that fantasy goes away with the harsh pixelization of reality once viewed on the computer. ;-)
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We're unfortunately working with the limitations of the API's that we have access to. Blogging platforms are paranoid about XSS so that means no javascript / object / embed... =(
I know people do embed Youtube into their LiveJournals, so it is possible to do embedding on LJ. I'm curious if that's YouTube only, if its possible to embed flash from other sites. Do you guys have sample html I could use to see if embedding posterous video works on LJ?

(I do understand if you don't want to implement different code paths for each blogging platform, but if it does work, it would be neat if there was a way for me to say "my blog allows embeds, please embed the flash players (video and audio)". )