Apple and non-removable batteries

So Apple released the updated 17" MacBook Pro yesterday. While they claim 8 hours of battery, it's all sealed like the MacBook Air. This is not a trend that I like. I have had to replace the batteries on both of my Macs after about 2 years of use, and if I had to potentially leave the laptop for two hours to a week so they can replace the battery that I used to be able to spend 10 minutes replacing, I don't see the progress here. And this is right after I was happy that they had made the hard drive accessible on the new 15" MacBook Pros, as I spent way too much time replacing the HD on my 12" Powerbook, and I dread the time when I need to replace the HD on my current MacBook Pro. We'll see what the portable line up looks like in a year when my Apple Care expires, but if it's all hard wired batteries, the choice to replace the Mac with a laptop running Linux will be even easier.