Good morning, Mt Diablo

Dear internets, today I found a park on my morning run. And not just any park, a park with a view. And while I did run with Emma, I forgot to put my real camera in her stroller before we left, so we'll just have to do with a cameraphone picture, yet again.

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Beautiful shot nonetheless..
agh I miss that climb. I used to bike out there from Hayward, do the climb and bike back. About 60 miles round trip with the climb taking 60 minutes going just about all out.
@garry: thanks. I'm still not happy that the horizon isn't level, tho. (But perhaps I'm being too hard on myself. 8-P)

@mark: You are more hardcore than I. ;-) However, that does make me tempted to see if I could ride the mountain sometime.
I *was* more hardcore -- not now.