Joe took father's shoe box down for a canoe ride

It's what we used to use to test a sound system. It's a sentence that has every syllable in the English language in it. I figured that it's a good start to see how posterous works for me. Perhaps this email posting thing will get me to forsake LiveJournal. We'll see.
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Hey Bem, thanks for signing up for posterous. It's a work in progress, but we're hoping to make it a lot better very soon. Would love your suggestions too. Hope things are well in the Bay!
Things are going well out here. From your posts, it sounds like you are having a good time out in Boston.

Your request for suggestions just caused one big one to pop up in my head: OpenID support would be killer. The fact that people can use OpenID to reply to my posts on LJ and I can use my LJ URL for OpenID is really useful.

Oh, and last night when I was attempting to add a second email address to my account (ajani at pyen there should be a dot here com), I kept on getting the error page.

I'll definitely drop you a line if I have more ideas. Keep on having fun out there in the East.

Awesome! Got those emails for those bugs and fixed it. Dumb programming error =)

I will add OpenID to the list.