What was so revolutionary about Chrome again?

I just had flash cause Opera to have a conniption fit. And you know
what? The only thing that crashed was that one tab. The entire rest of
the browser went on working just fine.

I don't know what happened in the few years since I last used Opera, but
they sure have injected a lot of awesome into it in the meantime.

(And try using ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab in Opera sometime. It sure
seems like Opera has beaten Google to the punch with the whole "you've
got some of your OS in my browser" thing)
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Neat. Does that mean posterous works fine in opera? *phew*
Actually, yeah, it does. (Kudos to you guys for sticking to standards.)

The only thing I've seen is a slight cosmetic difference between Firefox and Opera: The image in this post is dynamically resized when I'm using Firefox to not spill into the sidebar, but the resizing doesn't happen in Opera.

If I see anything more serious, I'll be sure to holler about it.

you mean like firefox for the past few years?

also, why do i have to sign in to leave a comment? hrmph.