Shipping updates to LJ

I have successfully hacked together a script to ship my Posterous updates to my Live Journal. When I get time to clean up the script, and remove the hardcoded things (like my username and password ;), I'll post it for the world to see. But now, I really should go to sleep.

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crap, sorry for butchering the html. we're fixing this now.

So I sent a reply, but it hasn't shown up on the site yet. I have a addendum to it: when I first saw your message, I thought you were referring to the weirdness in the RSS feed that I noticed last night, since I hadn't looked at my post on posterous yet. Anyways, thanks for fixing that.

But here's the RSS problem (and it doesn't seem to affect the older entries in the feed: each entry has the following HTML right after the first

I currently strip that out in my code that ships the data, but it's rather odd HTML to have in the body of a post in the RSS feed.

Hrm. That didn't work. Lets append:

After the first <p>, the code is: <head></head></h1>

Lets see if that works.

That's funny, because I was going to send you a message about that this morning when I was more awake. Thanks for pre-empting me. =]