Bug in rss2lj

It looks like my script has a bug, and as a result, I've been shipping multiple copies of my posts to LJ. Oops. Anyways, I believe I've fixed it, and this is the post that will tell.

Thanks to aepfelx for notifying me that the machines had gone insane.

RSS Feed to LiveJournal script

I've cleaned it up a bit, so I figured I could share it with the world, in case anyone else is interested in such a product. (This is also a test to see what happens if I send a Ruby script and a YAML file to Posterous.

This is meant to be run from cron (or the scheduler of your choice) as often as you like. I currently run it every 5 minutes. If you're not  scraping from Posterous, you can leave the Posterous hack part off. While it in theory supports pulling from multiple feeds, it doesn't keep track of the last entry in each feed seperately, so it wouldn't work quire right in the current version. (I'll probably fix that in the near future and post again)

I think that's about all I have to say about that for now. Maybe if someone expresses interest in using it, I'll write a proper README. =]

Update: So the attachment thing was an epic fail. It just dumped the entire thing into the post. I will put the files up here.