Mini Note 1000 actually released

HP has released the new Mini Note 1000. It actually looks pretty nice, and has an Intel Atom in there as well as an Intel graphics card, so it should be pretty easy to get running with Linux. They also made it available with a 10" screen, which is a big improvement. Yes, it's still only 1024x600, but that's not all that bad, especially in something that weighs 2 pounds. I'd like to see what reviewers say about its battery life, and how it stacks up against the Dell offering. (Though it probably makes more sense for me to snag the HP one, since I actually get a discount on that. =)

According to a couple of news sources, they will be releasing a version with some HP custom Linux on it. That's pretty cool, but I'd still have to pave it and put Ubuntu on it. Which means that the one that comes with a Windows license might end up being a better deal, especially if the Linux one is only available with low end hardware.