Running and bridges

When I went for my run yesterday, I took Emma with me, and I decided to run south on the Iron Horse trail, since I had crossed it in my morning runs, but I hadn't taken it anywhere. I was pleasantly surprised to find not one, but two bridges not too far down the trail. One of them goes over Ygnacio Valley Road, and other other one is right after it and goes over a canal of some sort. I of course had to take pictures, and while I have found that getting a nice level picture on my phone is hard, at least they do get the point across. (I need to get some sort of small runners pack to carry my camera and some water when I go running)

I took a picture of Miss Emma when I got home. Running is exhausting for her! ;)

It's somewhat fortunate that I didn't get around to posting this yesterday. On my morning run today, I decided to run north on the Iron Horse trail, and I found another bridge. This one was over a rather large canal right by Monument Blvd.

So that's my running and bridge adventures for the last two days.

Take me out to the ball game

My sister and I went to see the A's play the Ranger's today. We had great seats, and they were free, since she won them in a raffle at her job. Either baseball has gotten more fun recently, or the more recent games I'd been too haven't been good, since I haven't had this much fun at a baseball game since I was a kid. I'm sure it helped that the weather was perfect, too. Sadly, the A's didn't win, but that didn't manage to get in the way of the fun. I think we're going to have to go back for more games in the future.

Here's the view we had:

Lake Temescal and a View

Yesterday, we went scouting for a place to have Emma's first birthday party. Since it's close by our house, we went up to Lake Temescal. While it probably is not going to be the location, I did take some pictures. The last picture in this bunch isn't from Lake Temescal, it's the view from up on Grizzly Peak Road.