Video on posterous

I've posted two videos (Emma with flag and Emma eating at Ikea), and its crazy awesome that they become nicely embedded flash videos. Sadly, they are not nicely embedded on my Livejournal that my posts are being copied to (see one and two). In this case, it would be much nicer if the posts actually liked to the posterous posts if embedding doesn't quite work yet.

Also, I've noticed that the video quality on my cell phone is really nice when viewed on the cellphone, and then that fantasy goes away with the harsh pixelization of reality once viewed on the computer. ;-)

Posterous has autoposting

All the cool kids know by now, since there was a blog entry on it, however, I just got to that point in my feed reader, so I'm all excited like it isn't 2 days old. =]

The gist of it is that they've made TwitterFeed obsolete for Posterous blogs, and also made images uploaded with posts autopost to Flickr. The second is the most awesome of the two, because it means I don't have to write a script to do it myself. Now I'm just waiting for them to do an autopost to LiveJournal, so that I don't need my script anymore.

Oh, yeah, and tags on posts would be totally awesome. (That's gotta be my #1 wanted feature.) But at least my name is unique, so using the search box on the explore page with my search term prefixed with 'ajani' finds me old posts pretty fast. (Actually, it would be awesome if I could embed that search box in the sidebar of my blog. =)

To those that subscribe to my Posterous blog

Since Posterous tells me when anyone subscribes to my blog, I've been amazed at the number of people that I've never met apparently find me interesting. To those of you that subscribe to my blog on Posterous, I'm just curious about how you found my blog, and what caused you to subscribe? Are you just trying to collect them all? Do I often post stuff that interests you? Amused by my profile picture? Whatever it is, share!

(This is also a test to see how many of my subscribers actually read the blog... ;)

Bug in rss2lj

It looks like my script has a bug, and as a result, I've been shipping multiple copies of my posts to LJ. Oops. Anyways, I believe I've fixed it, and this is the post that will tell.

Thanks to aepfelx for notifying me that the machines had gone insane.

One more wishlist thing

It just dawned on me that I forgot one thing from my wishlist: It would be nice to be able to manage (add/edit) attachments once they're on the site. (For example, if I would like to add images to a post after the fact, or delete an image or something later if I made a mistake when I posted it)

My posterous wishlist

Posterous works great (heck, this email posting thing has made me post *much* more than I ever used to post to LiveJournal), but there are a few things that I think might be good ideas. Braindump:

  • Tagging. It may be one of the web 2.0 buzzwords, but it's damn useful. (And I'd really like to be able to link to sets of tagged posts, like how Flickr or Blogger do it)
  • Ability to have the post editor default to source mode. Most of the time, that's what I want when editing.
  • Setting so that I can write posts using reStructuredText or Markdown or something similar. It would be a bit nicer than having to write my posts in HTML. (I wouldn't mind if the post editor had a mode for this as well. =)
  • Ability to edit posts via email. (Perhaps the email reply from a post would include the post body in the email, and if you edited that and replied to it, then it would replace the post on the site)
  • Did I mention tagging? ;)
  • A button to send uploaded images to Snapfish for printing. (individual image, or all images in the post) Garry and Sachin, if you are interested in this, I can get you in touch with the right folks at Snapfish. The API is pretty straightforward.

    RSS Feed to LiveJournal script

    I've cleaned it up a bit, so I figured I could share it with the world, in case anyone else is interested in such a product. (This is also a test to see what happens if I send a Ruby script and a YAML file to Posterous.

    This is meant to be run from cron (or the scheduler of your choice) as often as you like. I currently run it every 5 minutes. If you're not  scraping from Posterous, you can leave the Posterous hack part off. While it in theory supports pulling from multiple feeds, it doesn't keep track of the last entry in each feed seperately, so it wouldn't work quire right in the current version. (I'll probably fix that in the near future and post again)

    I think that's about all I have to say about that for now. Maybe if someone expresses interest in using it, I'll write a proper README. =]

    Update: So the attachment thing was an epic fail. It just dumped the entire thing into the post. I will put the files up here.