Muddy Run To Briones

And this time, I did it the right way, so I got to run around in the park itself. See my Daily Mile post for details.

I took some pictures on the way:

The cows were out in force in the Walnut Creek Open Space (Acalanes Ridge)

This is heading up the hill in Briones, and I noticed that there was one brown cow.

The view from the top. I had to stop and admire it. I'm not sure my cameraphone does it justice.

Looking back the way I came, towards Mt. Diablo.

Another view from the top.

On the way back down, I got a much better view of the one brown cow.

Finding my way to Briones

I determined that this morning, I'd find out how to get to Briones on the Briones Mt Diablo Trail. I did manage to find it, but it was a bit farther than I thought, and I had to turn around once I found the trailhead. On the way, I did manage to get better pictures of the cows and calves than before. And of course I took a picture at the trailhead into Briones Park.

Pictures from this morning's run up the hill

It was a beautiful morning, the full moon was out in force and the weather was perfect. I tried to get the moon over the hill in the first picture, but my camera just wasn't quite up to it. By the time I got to the top of the ridge, the moon had escaped completely, so I didn't get a second chance. I did see two calves, but I didn't think about a picture until I had passed them, so the pictures are kinda far away. But the run was great, and I totally understand now why trail runners love minimal shoes... They're absolutely perfect for trail running.

BTW, the relevant dailymile post is here.