Mock Objects

Brett shared this post from the Google Open Source blog. While I'm not into Python, a mock object generator seems totally awesome. (Why didn't anyone tell me about this earlier?) Anyways, the Google Blog post linked to EasyMock, which is a mock object generator for Java. Now that looks really useful, since I spend my day job hacking on a very large Java system with not enough tests. EasyMock has quickly made it onto the short list of things I need to look into.

PSP GPS for the US spotted in the wild

I've been wanting it since they released it in Japan at least a year ago. For some reason, it's taking Sony forever to release it here in the US (Europe already has it, too!). However, it looks like the PSP GPS was spotted by IGN at Comic Con. The details in the article sound great. Now Sony, just release the silly thing already. (And what would be even better, if they actually released the oft-rumored PSP keyboard.)

Posterous has autoposting

All the cool kids know by now, since there was a blog entry on it, however, I just got to that point in my feed reader, so I'm all excited like it isn't 2 days old. =]

The gist of it is that they've made TwitterFeed obsolete for Posterous blogs, and also made images uploaded with posts autopost to Flickr. The second is the most awesome of the two, because it means I don't have to write a script to do it myself. Now I'm just waiting for them to do an autopost to LiveJournal, so that I don't need my script anymore.

Oh, yeah, and tags on posts would be totally awesome. (That's gotta be my #1 wanted feature.) But at least my name is unique, so using the search box on the explore page with my search term prefixed with 'ajani' finds me old posts pretty fast. (Actually, it would be awesome if I could embed that search box in the sidebar of my blog. =)

Red Button

This is obnoxious and amusing. And I blame Brett for showing this to me and wasting the last ten minutes of my life that I will never get back. (You clicked on it, too, didn't you?)

To those that subscribe to my Posterous blog

Since Posterous tells me when anyone subscribes to my blog, I've been amazed at the number of people that I've never met apparently find me interesting. To those of you that subscribe to my blog on Posterous, I'm just curious about how you found my blog, and what caused you to subscribe? Are you just trying to collect them all? Do I often post stuff that interests you? Amused by my profile picture? Whatever it is, share!

(This is also a test to see how many of my subscribers actually read the blog... ;)