I just came across a method in our code that has a 52 character long name. I'd love to share the name, but I can't come up with a way to disguise the "sensitive" parts of it, and keep the spirit. So instead, I share my astonishment.

Wii Fit

Our Wii Fit arrived in the mail yesterday, and we've thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Is it bad that I'm proud of the fact that my Wii Fit age is actually the same as my real age? Even with me falling squarely in the middle of the obese category. Speaking of that, I'm not convinced that it makes sense for me to be categorized as obese. Either my body type just isn't what Wii Fit is targeting, or you can be in pretty decent physical shape and still be obese. (Overweight, yeah, I would agree with that. ;)

Anyways, despite my gripes about the legitimacy of BMI based only on height and weight (taking into account fat percentage generally gives a much better idea), I'm quite happy with it so far. Lets see if I can actually keep it up and do something about my rather pathetic upper body strength.

And in other fitness related notes, I'm doing a 5 mile fun run tonight. I probably should have posted it earlier to see if anyone who reads my blog runs as well, but hey, if you want to come do this run this evening, you can sign up there. =]

Emma party

Miss Emma's turning 1 year old next month! And we're going to throw a party. If I haven't notified you by other means, send me an email with your address so I can make sure that I have your most up to date info so you get the actual physical invite. (Yes, I'm deliberately vague with this, I'm not inviting the entire internets. ;)


Check it out, Sony is blatantly copying Microsoft:

(Yeah, I'm sure it would say something more if I actually played games
on my PS3...)

And with Microsoft blatantly copying Nintendo, I guess it just goes around for the new guys in the console game. ;)

Better than the HP 2133?

This would be beyond awesome if I could run OS X on it. Depending on how well Linux runs on it and the state of Linux's touchscreen support (and handwriting recognition), it might be awesome running Linux. No, I wouldn't be caught dead running Windows. ;)

We'll see what reviews say. And what my finances say in the future. I still want a nice small, cheap laptop. (Which is why the MacBook Air is right out.)

Bug in rss2lj

It looks like my script has a bug, and as a result, I've been shipping multiple copies of my posts to LJ. Oops. Anyways, I believe I've fixed it, and this is the post that will tell.

Thanks to aepfelx for notifying me that the machines had gone insane.

Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage Album on MP3, $0.99

Seriously! It's the Amazon MP3 Store daily deal! (The Amazon MP3 Twitter feed is goodness. =)

Since I'm a nice guy, here's the title track for your enjoyment, and to persuade you that 99 cents is a steal for the album. (I had to reduce the quality down to 128kbps, since the original is a 13MB 235kbps VBR file, and I'm too lazy to raise the attachment size limit on my mail server.)

One more wishlist thing

It just dawned on me that I forgot one thing from my wishlist: It would be nice to be able to manage (add/edit) attachments once they're on the site. (For example, if I would like to add images to a post after the fact, or delete an image or something later if I made a mistake when I posted it)